landscape design specialists

the building blocks for your dream space

The drive behind my work is in creating beautiful and unique spaces that people can live in and retreat to. Whether you use your space for sitting, relaxing, playing or entertaining, my passion stems from helping my clients reconnect to nature and the outdoors by providing them with a design to create their own personal oasis. 

I work alongside my clients and support their dreams by bringing their ideas and plans to life. Your outdoor space is an extension of your home to compliment your style, and I can give you the building blocks to create your ideal space.

Passion for

beautiful spaces

Growing up as an Aussie with Sicilian heritage, celebrations and entertaining was always high on the agenda. Surrounded by family and friends, my appreciation for the outdoors and spending time with loved ones started, growing my love for creating dreamy outdoor spaces.

As my partner runs the management side, I am free to place my complete focus on what I love and what I do best – design. Working as a creative and landscape architect since 2005, I find personal satisfaction in the joy of my clients as they see their visions come to life.

Let’s work together

Working as a landscape architect for over 16 years, I have extensive knowledge and expertise in both commercial and residential projects. Through my years of experience, my skillset allows me to complete all aspects of the design process myself – from the inital planning, technical drawings and graphic output for your visualisation.